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Why Our Plumbing Services?

After Service Payment – Pay via Paytm or cash after all services are done as per your satisfaction.

Expert & Verified Technician - Our first aim is to provide you best services with complete safety of our customers. That’s why all technicians went through internal checking to analyse their expertise in the field of plumbing.

Insurance – We at Customer Service Center Jaipur take full responsibility of our client work which make us differ from other service providers. We have insurance of upto Rs 5,,100 so that you can relax and sit back.

How does hiring a carpenter work?

We are just a call away, dial +91- 9461624199 and give us your address where service is needed along with the most preferable date and time. Once you are done we will assign you the best available carpenter near you on your chosen date and time. Within 30 minutes, the carpenter will be at your doorstep. The price is affordable and will be calculated on the basis of work hours needed to get the work done.

Trending near you ( Jaipur )

Jaipur always get too hot in summer and too cold in winter season which affects pipers, taps, drains and other plumbing items. Living in a smart city like Jaipur, it get very difficult for the working professional to get these plumbing issues fixed right away. This is the reason we are in demand for best plumbing services in all over Jaipur.

Plumbing Services ( Plumber )

A beautiful house will remain beautiful until it has no obstructions in plumber fitting, such as a clogged pipe or a running toilet, this can ruin your whole day or days if not get fixed right away. All the materials have a expiry date so you need to keep them updated and in a working conditions. There are few machines need regular maintenance while other can be repaired or replaced. It can be an internal pipe leakage or a leaking tap that you might be ignoring or a condition that need to be fixed immediately such as blockage in the toilet trap. We know very well that in the busy lifestyle it can be a tuff task to get these chores done. Now is the time when Customer Service Center Jaipur comes to your rescue, we provide best plumbing services within 30 minutes of your call.

How it works?

Either make a call at +91- 7665332777 or go to the website to request the service. Fill all the required details in the Enquiry form as per your convenience. Once submitted the form you will get a call from our company and they will confirm your booking. Once this is done plumber will reach your doorstep within 30 minutes. Plumber will give you the quotation after checking the work need to be done.

What can be done?

-Bathroom fittings repair in Jaipur

-Kitchen faucet installation or repair in Jaipur

-Kitchen sink clogged in Jaipur

-Large bathroom fittings installation in Jaipur

-Small bathrooms fittings installation in Jaipur

-Overhead water tank cleaning in Jaipur

-Pressure pump installation in Jaipur

-Water meter installation in Jaipur

-Kitchen sink installation in Jaipur

-General Plumbing work in Jaipur

-Water tank installation in Jaipur

-Underground water tank cleaning in Jaipur

-Water motor installation in Jaipur

-New water line connection in Jaipur

-New sewer line connection in Jaipur

-Recessed Panels installations in Jaipur

-Urinal Flushers installation in Jaipur

-Sensor taps installation in Jaipur

-Soap dispenser’s installation in Jaipur

-Paper dispenser’s installation in Jaipur

-Fragrance dispenser’s installation in Jaipur

-Baby changing station installation in Jaipur

-Grab bars & accessories installation in Jaipur

Frequently Asked Questions

- Who will get the new material or fixtures that may be needed?

It totally depends on the client whether you want to bring the material, or you can ask the plumber to get it on your behalf and later you can make the payment for the required material.

- In case there is no service provided, how much I must pay?

In case no service is provided you just must pay the visiting charge.

- Do you provide any guarantee of the service provided?

Yes we give 15 days warranty, anything happen on the work done by our technician, we will fix it free of cost.

-Which Companies Plumbing work you can do?

We can do plumbing work of all the companies like Jaquar, Hindware, Roca Parryware, Kohler, Cera, Neycer, Roca, Johnson Bathrooms, Somany, Eros and many more.

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Just give us a call at +91 – 7665332777 for any kind of R O services & repair in all over Jaipur, we do have all RO parts available with us.

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